Growing Great Places Together

2024 Municipal World WinterLife Award

The objective of this award is to recognize efforts and involvement in projects and initiatives which engage the community with indoor and outdoor activities from November through March.


Open to all Canadian communities.

Submissions will be evaluated under 3 primary criteria:
– Holiday Celebrations (Nov / Dec 2023) 
Information should include: 
o Visual programs (lighting events, competitions)
o Holiday events (parades, festivals, entertainment)
o Public programming

– Winter Activities (Nov 2023 – Mar 2024)
Information should include:
o Festivals and events celebrating the community in winter
o Sports and other programming
o Use of public spaces

– Community Outreach (Nov 2023 – Mar 2024)
Information should include:
o Programs and initiatives which improve quality of live in the community (such as goodwill programs)
o Programs and initiatives which encourage community engagement, including
participation of seniors, youth, new residents


– Identification of the programs and initiatives included in the submission
– Indication of multiple sector involvement:
o Municipal leadership and participation
o Corporate support
o Participation of service groups where appropriate
o Citizen engagement and participation
– Visual support (media/press clippings, promotional materials)
– Time duration of the initiatives
– Outline of means planned to sustain the initiatives

As part of the recognition for this award, a photo of the winning community will be featured on the cover of Municipal World Magazine in December 2024.

An independent panel will adjudicate all entries.

All entries will be adjudicated on the following:
– the thoroughness of the submission activity in meeting the criteria identified;
– ability to effectively describe those items indicated in the “entries should address” section outlined; and
– relevance and quality of the supporting materials

Fill out the registration form by 5pm, August 16th, 2024. Entries received after this date will not be accepted.