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Ville de Rosemère, Québec - 2024 International Finalist


Rosemère prides itself on its small-town atmosphere, which is an integral part of its very identity. The winding, tree-lined streets and anything-but-cookie-cutter design lend the community its distinctly rural-inspired charm and speak volumes about its commitment to preserving the natural environment for generations to come. 

Abutting the Mille Îles River, Rosemère is known for its quiet, picturesque beauty. The red brick that features prominently in the public structures, from the entrance monument to the bus shelters to the municipal buildings, add to the community’s bucolic ambiance, as does the Colonial-style signage displayed at different entry points. River rock is used to set off the various landscaping arrangements on public grounds, as a nod to the town’s waterfront location.

Protecting the environment is a top priority for Rosemère, as is attested by the many initiatives and bylaws that have been put in place to promote a comfortable and harmonious living experience for all residents. Pesticide control, composting, recycling, tree replanting and other programs help cement Rosemère’s status as a local leader in environmental matters. The environmental policy adopted in 2005 guides efforts in this regard, ensuring that eco-friendly factors play a central role in all municipal decision-making.

A tight-knit community is another one of Rosemère’s defining characteristics. The town is home to numerous volunteer organizations, and the administration oversees a range of nature-oriented programs and events, including the One Birth, One Book initiative, the Rosemère in Bloom contest and the Secret Gardens Tour.

Horticultural enthusiasts can enjoy the carefully designed and tended gardens at Hamilton House. A major restoration project was launched in 2009 to develop this stunning multifaceted urban oasis on the grounds of this local landmark. Additional improvements have followed in the years since. A pollinator garden was set up in the spring of 2018, along with several beehives installed safely and strategically nearby by a contractor specializing in urban beekeeping and public education. The David Suzuki Foundation, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and Space for Life have since formally recognized the Town of Rosemère as a monarch-friendly community. 

In 2021, a meditation garden was incorporated into the Hamilton House site, featuring a five-circuit, neo-medieval labyrinth, an ancient symbol of wholeness and unity. It is a unique experience that affords visitors the opportunity to relax and live quietly in the moment. This haven of tranquility is ideal for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The following year saw the creation of a commemorative poetry garden, meant as a place of recollection, reflection and contemplation. This serene setting is an invitation to all those who wish to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who are no longer with us.