Growing Great Places Together

Valhalla Centre is a small hamlet approximately 65 kilometres northwest of Grande Prairie Alberta and is starting to become a bedroom community of Grande Prairie. It was originally settled by Norwegians in the early 1900s. There are still a lot of people that reside in and around Valhalla Centre of Norwegian descent. As such we strive to protect and preserve this heritage.

Some of the points of interest in Valhalla are:
The Mercantile Cafe where all the food is made from scratch. People come from all over Alberta to taste the delicious food.
The Troll Park at the Mercantile.
The Lutheran church which is a historical site.
The old Co-op store where you can buy anything from soup to nuts as well as antiques. We have the only rural charter school in Alberta (the building is owned by Valhalla Heritage Society).
We have a new library and community centre called the Viking Centre.

After our first 100 years, Valhalla Centre is striving towards revitalization.

We’re working on making our community more walking-friendly with a walking path away from the traffic.

This year one of our projects is to create a green space with trees and shrubs on an empty County lot. The idea is to attract birds and to have a place to relax.

We’re also seeing ‘urban renewal’ with some of the formerly unsightly properties being cleaned up and new residents moving in.

In the works are an expansion of the café and turning the front of the Mercantile into a museum.

Valhalla Centre is a wonderful place to live and I for one wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.