Growing Great Places Together

Town of Wolseley, Saskatchewan -
2023 National Finalist

When you walk the streets of Wolseley, Saskatchewan, you will immediately sense the joy and pride that its 850 citizens feel every day. Pleasant homes are surrounded by well-tended yards and charming plots and pots of flowers, as well as thriving gardens. Our public spaces boast award-winning floral beds tended by local volunteers. Our downtown businesses have recently subscribed to an initiative that resulted in a wholesale facelift of Wolseley’s pioneer-era buildings.

Agriculture is, of course, the backbone of Wolseley’s economic life, but service and retail businesses also thrive. A lively arts group supports a gallery, and dance, music and drama performances are presented at the historic Town Hall/Opera House each year.

Wolseley’s vintage architecture has always been as source of pleasure for locals and visitors alike. Two buildings, the Town Hall/Opera House and the territorial Courthouse, have been designated as Provincial Heritage sites. The Town’s devotion to its varied and fascinating history is evident in its promotion of a local archive, historical projects and guided tours.

Sports and recreation facilities abound in our Town. Take a walk on our Swinging Bridge that spans scenic Fairly Lake at the Town’s center. Our sand green Golf Course hosts several tournaments, including a fun “night golf” event. A spring soccer program keeps youngsters busy, while winter sports enthusiasts can join the active curling club or enjoy hockey as a participant or spectator from the smallest tots to our popular junior Wolseley Mustangs or our recreational team.

Wolseley has become known as a hidden gem on the Canadian Prairies, and its citizens have taken it upon themselves to not only make it a wonderful place to live, but a vibrant destination for visitors.