Growing Great Places Together

Town of St. Paul, Alberta - 2024 National Finalist

We are a small town with a big heart, St. Paul prides itself with a safe and caring Small Town Atmosphere and lifestyle.  Nature surrounds St. Paul with many beautiful lakes and an attractive lakefront park space.  Although a small town, St. Paul boasts itself with a variety of Recreational opportunities.  The people of St. Paul come together and take advantage of a volunteering spirit.  St. Paul has a lot to offer for a family friendly place to live with its schools, recreational facilities and walk-able size.

We have many volunteers who dedicate themselves to improving our community through the Down Revitalization project, community gardens and the Banner Project.  Our Town Council realizes the value of the Communities in Bloom Project and we believe that this project with help boast civic pride, beautification and environmental responsibilities.

St. Paul offers a local museum, visual arts centre and numerous cultural groups.  As you tour our community, you will see that our citizens, businesses and leaders are extremely proud of our local organizations, parks and landmarks.  Our community contains numerous parks, green spaces and exceptional recreational facilities such as our Aquatic Centre, Ag Corral, ball diamonds, soccer fields, Golf Course and Splash Park.  

To the Town of St. Paul, Communities in Bloom strongly represents the life in our community and provides us with a setting for work, play and life, which essentially makes St. Paul a real “People Kind of Place”.