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Town of Pincher Creek, Alberta - 2023 National Finalist

The Town of Pincher Creek is situated at the edge of the Rocky Mountains and in the heart of Southern Alberta’s prime farming and ranching land.  Residents and visitors have a front row seat to the spectacular geography where the foothills meet the Rocky Mountains showcasing expansive skies and mountain vistas.  Pincher Creek has a rich local history commencing with the Northwest Mounted Police horse farm being established in 1878.

Pincher Creek’s vibrant family orientated community serves as the heart of Southwestern  Alberta.  It is known for a flourishing agriculture industry, a very strong and growing renewable energy sector, robust retail and commercial businesses, and community facilities – all located in a recreational paradise.  Wildlife roams freely amidst a landscape of abundant water, majestic mountains, gentle rolling hills and endless prairie horizons.  Opportunities to discover and explore await in the parks, vast open spaces, and life-long adventures unique to Pincher Creek.

In 1995, the Town of Pincher Creek was drastically impacted by the “flood of the century”- the walkway system was wiped out, the campground was devastated, and homes flooded.  In 1996, volunteers came forward to see what could be done to restore the community pride and beautify the community.  One of the first projects was the creation of a beautiful flower bed located in the heart of downtown.  The flower bed had a very positive impact and was the first of the now 24 public flower beds enjoyed in the community.  This was also the birth place of the “Pincher Planters”, a dedicated group of volunteers that have worked fervently to transform the face of the community. 

In 2000, Pincher Creek made a commitment to enter Communities in Bloom.  The program has increased civic pride, community involvement, enhanced green spaces and conservation of cultural and natural environments.  Pincher Creek has been a National Champion, participant in the International Challenge and has won many awards through the Communities in Bloom program.  Visitors and residents alike enjoy the beautiful and vibrant community of Pincher Creek.