Growing Great Places Together

Town of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia -
2024 Atlantic Participant

    Photo credit: Betty Meredith

Mahone Bay, known far and wide for the iconic image of its “three churches” at the head of the bay, is a tiny town on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Its land area of 3.12 Sq. Km is augmented by easy access to the ocean and the bay’s many islands. 

“We love the beauty around us and welcome you to share it.” The Town’s motto captures the importance of land, forest and ocean to the original Indigenous people and to the Europeans who came to this Mi’kmaw territory in 1754. Wooden boat building, the main industry for two centuries, has given way to a manufacturer, a nursing home, a community school, small businesses, and tourism as the main current employers. 

Funky businesses, restaurants and essential amenities fill the central core area while heritage buildings ranging from modest to grand are found everywhere. 

Community passion gets things done whether it’s building a new natural play area, re-inventing a de-commissioned school as a flourishing community centre, establishing a thriving no-cost youth soccer club, holding festivals and events in every season of the year, or becoming a member of the Suzuki Butterfly Ranger program.

The municipal government has been recognized for its environmental leadership. With its own electric utility, Mahone Bay collaborated with two other municipal units to build a wind farm and a solar farm that feed into its own grid. Development of an Urban Forest Management Plan is underway, a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan is being actioned, and a living shoreline is being installed to address sea-level rise.

Community groups join forces to bolster the town’s appearance and spirit, tending gardens, creating displays, running the Marina, or hosting special events throughout the year. The town buzzes during Blossom Time in the Bay, the Home and Garden Tour, Wooden Boat activities, the Scarecrow Festival, and the Father Christmas Festival which includes the amazing Reindeer Run.

Mahone Bay has it all: a scenic harbour, dynamic citizenry, vibrant tourism – it’s a grand place to live, work or visit.