Growing Great Places Together

Tina Liu - CiB Board Director

Tina is a senior landscape architect at the National Capital Commission (NCC). She is responsible for the Capital Floral Experience, the year-round design of floral displays in the nation’s capital, including the Canadian Tulip Festival in the spring, and annual and perennial displays for the rest of the year. Floral Experience plays an important role in showcasing national pride and Canadian values to fellow Canadians as well as international visitors to Ottawa. Tina has been exploring innovative design techniques to conserve natural resources and enhance pollinator and wildlife habitats while adapting to our constantly changing climate patterns. She is also the designer of the Winter Lights Across Canada program which promotes winter usage of open spaces in the urban areas across the country.

Prior to joining the NCC in Ottawa, Tina worked in a multidisciplinary design firm in Toronto mainly focused on community planning, natural resource management, and ecological conservation projects. Tina is a certified LEED® accredited professional, and a firm believer in the benefits of green construction and environmentally sustainable design.

In the collaboration between the Anishinabe Odjibikan Archaeological Field School and the NCC Archaeology Team, Tina was sparkled by Indigenous teachings of environmental sustainability. She believes implementing Indigenous traditional ecological concepts in environmental design is one of the most effective ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change and increase environmental resilience. She appreciates working with Indigenous-led community groups in her design projects.

She enjoys sharing her passion and experience as a public speaker at various platforms, from TEDx, and international conferences, to local horticultural societies, and academic institutions.

Since 2016, Tina has volunteered as a National Judge for Communities in Bloom This experience has allowed her to combine her expertise in environmental design with community development. As a Judge for the competitive CiB program, she has mentored communities from coast to coast, encouraging them to enhance their quality of life by recognizing their existing resources and exploring new opportunities to build sustainable and healthy places together where all residents feel safe, respected, and welcomed.