Growing Great Places Together

We are a community of just over 800, located on the northwestern tip Prince Edward Island.

Settled in 1799 by eight Acadian families and joined in 1811 by two Irish families, Tignish retains and celebrates its French/Irish roots and has since become a successful fishing and farming community and a service and commercial centre serving the surrounding rural area.

St. Simon and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church in Tignish is home to a beautiful tracker action organ built in 1882 by renowned organ builder Louis Mitchell of Montreal. This magnificent organ has 1,118 pipes in all, ranging in heights of 16 feet to 3 inches.

Tignish is also the gateway to the Confederation Trail, a 410-kilometer trail developed on abandoned railway beds, which takes you tip-to-tip across the Island. A shared use walking, hiking, running, cycling, and wheelchair accessible trail in the summer it becomes a snowmobile trail in the winter.

“Home is where the heart is” and nowhere does the heart beat stronger with home town pride than in the Community of Tignish. We take great pride in our attractive community, winning Communities in Bloom award in 2013.