Growing Great Places Together

2021 Symposium Presentations

Held in conjunction with the annual national and international awards ceremonies, this event is a unique opportunity for elected officials, parks and grounds professionals and community volunteers to learn and share about current issues, trends and challenges not only in horticulture and gardening, but in community tourism and projects, environmental awareness, and much more. 

Symposium Kick off! Natural Landscape Solutions to help bring your Community to Life!

Join Landscape Architect Paul Brydges as he walks you through some simple and effective idea’s to transform your communities using natural landscape solutions. Paul will also share how your communities’ efforts to create and enhance your landscaped spaces will fit into our refreshed Judging Grid, to be launched in 2022.

The Power of Our Gardens

Do you ever question why you garden? Are we just striving for something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye? Paul believes gardens can be so much more! With 30 years of experience in the horticulture industry, he has learned that gardens continue to provide beyond the borders that may define them. Join Paul for an energetic presentation where he will share his views and thoughts on how, and what, he believes makes a garden beautiful.

Edible Landscape Design and Tips for Successful Growing

Join Tina Liu with the NCC to speak on productive/edible landscape design, using examples of successful partnerships with corporations, local business and community involvement in food production in community gardens. Naihely Hernandez Avalos and Lawrence Vanderark with Scotts Canada will follow with helpful tips for different gardening projects and the ideal growing media for them to thrive: Herb, Flower or Edible Gardens.  

Community Design with CPTED in Mind

This presentation will focus on designing safe and active communities through a collaborative approach to the application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts and principles.

Trail Management through Collaboration Reflections and Aspirations

A look at The Niagara Parks Commission’s current trail management practices and the development of a Recreational Trails Master Plan for a new generation of trail user being advanced in partnership with Brock University and the Ontario Trails Council.

Year of the Garden 2022 – What Is It and How Can You Take Part!

The Year of the Garden 2022 is a celebration of Canada’s rich garden heritage, today’s vibrant garden culture, and an opportunity to create legacies for a sustainable future. Find out why 2022 and how your community can participate and what the Year of the Garden 2022 can do for you. As a member of Canada’s Garden-Family come and join the celebration, a special one, being the first country to celebrate a Year of the Garden.

Skateparks, BMX Parks, and Beyond

Chris and Ariel will be discussing Action Sports. Ariel will be presenting on skateboarding, skateparks and shared spaces. Chris will be presenting on BMX, jump parks and pump tracks

Championing trees in your community

Tree Canada is the only national charity dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees in urban and rural environments. Tree Canada believes firmly that the social, psychological, and economic benefits of Canada’s urban forests are worth preserving. Tune in for an overview of best practices for championing, stewarding and expanding our urban forests for the benefit of all.

Streets for Everyone – Ways to Encourage Walking and Cycling to Help Communities Thrive

Advice for small and medium sized communities on programs and infrastructure improvements that make our streets safer and more livable

Community Beautification and Development - The Heart of CiB volunteer recruitment

How to integrate the many community groups and sectors that are interested in community betterment through Communities in Bloom

CiB National Awards and Community Showcase!

We are excited to be featuring the 2021 Communities in Bloom Special Edition Participants along with the announcements of the Outstanding Achievement Awards Winners during this webinar!

CiB Town Hall & International Showcase

Following a long-standing tradition, Frankie Flowers will invite participants to exchange information on best practices, lessons learned and to address challenges facing the programs in their respective communities during our Town Hall Event, sponsored by Scotts. Join us for a Tourism Presentation and an exciting international showcase, hosted by Dr. Andrea Bocsi, International CiB Judge from Hungary, featuring our resilient international communities and how they have remained in full bloom this year! The international presentation is sponsored Ball.

2020 Symposium Presentations

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