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Sure-Hits for Your Next Landscape

By Jeff Gibson, Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager

Choosing plants in the spring is an exciting time for landscape designers. Finding the right varieties that will perform well and through the summer is key to a successful landscape. When it’s time to pick plants that are true performers, be sure to include those that provide long-lasting colour and ease of maintenance. Here’s a list of sure-hits to give that landscape show-stopping staying power throughout the season.

Unique Spreading Habit with Hula Begonias

If you’re looking for a plant that is fast to fill in landscape beds, check out Hula Spreading Begonia. It truly creates a blanket of high-impact colour. With its unique trailing habit, it’s perfect for hanging baskets and mixed containers providing landscapers a performance advantage with masses of flowers showing on top. The latest variety in the series features a mix of impressive red and white blooms.

Tropical Colour and Top Performance with Solarscape Interspecific Impatiens

Set a tropical mood with these low-maintenance impatiens that provide unbeatable colour in both sunny and shaded spaces. Solarscape Impatiens offer a full-sun landscape solution, whether in the ground or in mixed containers. Along with superior garden performance, Solarscape’s vibrant blooms have a tropical appeal available in an assortment of popular hues to suit any main street.

Beacon Impatiens for the Shade with High Resistance to IDM

And for your shady areas, there’s no other flower colour like Beacon Impatiens. These have been trialed and approved to grow well and look vibrant in the shade. They offer high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew and can easily be grown in containers, hanging baskets and directly in the landscape. They’re a low-maintenance, must-have plant for versatile shade gardens. Varieties include new three-colour Beacon mixes, and an updated Red White Mixture – great as a patriotic mix!

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