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Rural Community of Alnwick, New Brunswick -
2024 Atlantic Participant

A beautiful community with rich cultural ties, the most magnificent sunrises, thriving industries of fishing and agriculture, with an abundance of recreational activities.

The demographic composition of Alnwick reveals a total population of 3,575 residents, with an average age of 49.3 and a median age of 54 years.

Linguistically, 19% of the population speak English only, 23% speak French only, and 58% are bilingual. Regarding ethnic origin, the population comprises 33% Acadian, 22% French, 10% Scottish, and 10% Irish. Other ethnicities include Dutch, British, German, and other.

Alnwick houses a total of 1,605 occupied dwellings, with 94% being single-detached houses. The remaining dwellings include semi-detached and apartment buildings with fewer than 5 storeys.