Growing Great Places Together

Since 1995, communities have recognized numerous benefits from participating in the program:

Economic benefits

  • Best practices and information exchange
  • Valuable information and feedback from the judges
  • Economic development and increased property values
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Positive benefits for the tourism, hospitality and retail industries
  • Decreased vandalism

Social benefits

  • Increased civic pride and community involvement
  • Participation from all ages and walks of life of the community
  • Mobilization of citizens, groups, organizations, businesses and municipality working together
  • Year-round projects and continuous improvement for the entire community
  • Information and cultural exchange within the community and with neighbouring, national and international communities
  • Improved quality of life

Environmental stewardship through the enhancement of green spaces

  • Innovation in environmental action
  • Environmental education initiatives
  • Mitigation of heat islands
  • Reducing soil erosion
  • Promotion waste reduction through 3Rs
  • Conservation and Responsible use of water
  • Clean up of river shorelines & biodiversity areas
  • Conservation of green spaces

Read the CiB Program Cost-Benefit Analysis (EN / FR)


“The current structure of our town, the amalgamation of four distinct areas, a mere 18 years young, has benefited tremendously from involvement in Communities in Bloom. Over the years, Communities in Bloom has often been the “glue” or “common thread” that has helped create the cohesive and vibrant entity we have become.” 

Ron Rogers – Town of Essex, ON CiB Chair   

“Communities in Bloom has been an energizing force in Pugwash. Villagers collaborate easily with our group focussing on civic pride, community development, and recognition of community contributors. It’s been a wonderful way for newcomers to the community to get to know others, learn the village history, and work together with long time residents on civic projects. Winning 5 Blooms Silver and an Outstanding Achievement Award for Community Involvement has been a great boost to Involvement for our Pugwash Village and Cumberland County.”

Maureen Leahey – Chair, Pugwash Communities in Bloom – Pugwash, NS

“Communities in Bloom has been a wonderful experience for Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society and everyone in the village.  This was our first experience in Communities in Bloom and we enjoyed every minute of it. This was Bloom at a different level and our volunteers rose to the challenge, from our floral displays to our bio diverse forest, our wildflower meadow and community garden, all aspects of our village were lovingly prepared and were judged worthy winners.  We are delighted!”

Bernie Mc Kenna – Co Chairperson Castlecaulfield Horticultural Society, Northern Ireland UK

“Communities in Bloom is our opportunity to showcase the community behind the world-renowned visitor destination that is Jasper National Park. We take great pride and responsibility in preserving and enhancing our surroundings, aligning closely with the values of the Communities in Bloom program. It is truly a pleasure to work with our partners and notice the tangible results of the collaborative effort across the community.”

Mayor Richard Ireland – Municipality of Jasper, AB

“In just 13 years a few volunteers and the CIB Program fostered pride and awareness in our communities unique environment, beautified Castlegar’s public spaces, initiated a project which leaves the City with a legacy in Public art and much, much more. Castlegar Communities in Bloom has led the transformation of the City from one that looked worn and untidy to being the Sculpture Capital of Canada-a city that is mindful not only of its appearance and cleanliness, but also of the environmental sustainability of any new development in the community.  A legacy has been born of this incredible program.”

Darlene E.  Kalawsky – Volunteer Chair Castlegar Communities in Bloom, BC