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Nieuwpoort is a municipality located in Flanders, one of the three regions in Belgium. During busy weekends and holiday periods the city is sometimes stretched beyond its limits, and welcomes up to sixty thousand visitors a day. Nieuwpoort is surrounded by water: the North Sea, the Yser, and a number of channels and moats in the flat polder landscape. Nieuwpoort has a total population of 11,351. The total area is 31.00 km² which gives a population density of 350 inhabitants per km².

There is a lot to explore: the white sandy beach, the historical town centre, the marina with lots of water sports facilities, the nature reserve ‘De IJzermonding’, the harbour channel with walking and cycling promenade, the polder landscape, the commemoration of the ’14 – ’18 world war, the Kaaiplein with 72 fountains, the nice shopping streets and quiet parks and squares,…

The old city centre of Nieuwpoort is located about three kilometers from the current coastline. Close to the sea, a tourist centre has developed. Both parts form one contiguous built up area, connected by the harbour channel and the fishing port. Besides Nieuwpoort proper, two small villages in the Flemish polders are part of the municipality, Sint-Joris and Ramskapelle.