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Land Reclamation Award (By the Butchart Gardens)

Congratulations to the City of Castlegar, British Columbia

Millenium Park

The Millennium Park was previously a commercial gravel pit. The City purchased the property and over time have been upgrading the amenities. A linear pathway and playground was built in 2000 as a Millennial project and the City’s soccer fields were centralized to that park.

The outdoor ponds are a natural alternative to the traditional swimming pool, with much larger adjoining amenities such as a sand beach and turf areas for other non-programmed recreational activities. Bringing people to the park is an important part of community identity and promotion of the park recreation and cultural objectives. The central location promotes walking and cycling to the park, and the City’s expectation is to promote active transportation to and within the park.

Thank you to The Butchart Gardens for sponsoring the award.