Growing Great Places Together

Provincial Editions


Communities participate with other communities in their population category within their province.

Provincial judges evaluate the communities on the six program criteria and award a bloom rating from 1 to 5 blooms (5 being the highest ranking) at a provincial awards ceremony in the fall, where communities receive a certificate with their bloom rating.

Up to two communities in each province will be invited to participate in the following year’s national edition.

Any community is allowed to participate in a non-competitive category either to learn about the program or, if they are past provincial participants or national finalists, to maintain their rating from the previous year.

Evaluation and  Bloom Ratings

The Judges’ Visit – Useful Information

• Prepare materials and community profile document that address all criteria in the evaluation form.

• Make good use of the time that the judges are in your community.

• The judges’ itinerary should include all of the criteria and be discussed with the judges upon arrival.

• Provide the judges with the opportunity to interact with key individuals and enjoy their time spent in your community.

• Give them time to start working on their evaluation form.

• Let them see that you are proud of your achievements.

Communities are rated from 1 to 5 blooms

Up to 55 points: 1 bloom
55-63 points: 2 blooms
64-72 points: 3 blooms
73-81 points: 4 blooms
82 points and more: 5 blooms

Provincial Editions

If you are interested in participating in your CiB Provincial Edition, please contact your provincial organization.