Growing Great Places Together

The Canadian Forces Sustainable Communities (CFSC) program was established in partnership between the Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment), the participating Canadian Forces Bases & Wings, and Communities in Bloom. The intention of this program is to import into the Department of National Defence elements of the Communities in Bloom program that have been successful in improving the urban environment and quality of life in communities throughout Canada.

All Canadian Forces Bases, Garrisons & Wings are invited to participate in the Canadian Forces Sustainable Communities category.

Trained volunteer judges travel to participating Bases, Garrisons and Wings during the summer to evaluate Canadian Forces communities and the overall contribution of the Base, Units, Lodger Units, Agencies, clubs, businesses and residents; including volunteer efforts in regards to the following criteria: environmental action, community involvement, community appearance, heritage conservation, landscape, urban forestry, turf and sports fields.

For further information, please contact:

Sonia Parrino
Program Specialist