Hope is Growing

Hello, Yellow – All Season Long

These beautiful varieties can share hope and inspiration winter, spring, summer or fall.

Taking part in the #hopeisgrowing challenge is sure to bring a positive, peaceful change to your life. The act of gardening has been shown to lower stress and anxiety, and people who tend flowers in and around their homes feel happier and more relaxed. Let’s keep that feeling going all year long! Here are a few beautiful yellow-blooming flowers and vegetables to choose from as you plan your Hope Is Growing garden.


The first pop of garden color is always a welcome site. The key to planting a spring garden is to choose varieties that can take the unpredictable weather Mother Nature inevitably throws at us. Some options to consider: Viola Sorbet® XP Yellow covers the soil with blooms for a carpet of color. It stands up well to cold and rain. Aquilegia Earlybird™ Yellow is hardy in zone 3a and its flowers bloom on shorter stems for a manageable perennial border. For a bit of sunny optimism at your front door, place a container of Osteospermum 4D™ Yellow. This African daisy has deep yellow flowers with a double center, so they stay open even when the day is cloudy.


In the heat of the season, your garden can be swathed in seas of yellow – there’s so many options to choose from. Try something new, then! Like Petunia Bee’s Knees, which makes its debut this spring. It’s a strong-performing yellow that looks great on its own or mixed with other flowers. Dahlia Venti™ Golden Yellow is a vigorous plant with camera-ready double blooms. A great choice for large patio pots. Need something low-maintenance? Choose French Marigold Durango® Yellow. It’s been a staple in landscapes for years and shows off an abundance of bushy blooms on strong stems. They’re also super-easy to start from seed.


Keep that gardening momentum going well into the cooler sweater weather with outdoor décor using Garden Mums and ornamental peppers. Look for Mum Alpine Yellow or Mum Goldcrest Yellow to pair with yellow squashes, hay bales and other seasonal accessories. For texture and flair, include Ornamental Pepper Hot Pops Yellow, which color-changes from orange to yellow as the season progresses.


When it’s winter, it’s time to bring it indoors! One way to continue your support of the #hopeisgrowing challenge is to include flowering potted plants in your home office to keep you smiling on your video chats. Gerbera ColorBloom™ Yellow is a sunny, friendly blossom sure to bring cheer on cold, gray days. To satisfy your seasonal snacking, you can grow tabletop vegetables indoors from the Kitchen Minis™ collection. Pepper Fresh Bites Yellow is a crunchy sweet pepper you can grow on a sunny windowsill or with an indoor grow light. It’s a great way to keep eating healthy.

Begin your hopeful journey now with a trip to your local garden center or shop online for plants and seeds, and say “Hello, Yellow” every season of the year.