Growing Great Places Together

The Town of Hanna has supported the Communities in Bloom movement since its early inception with the Hanna Economic Development Committee in 2002 and 2003. It began as a result of a community visioning session and bloomed into the formation of the Hanna in Bloom Committee in 2005. By fostering and supporting volunteer efforts to increase community pride and awareness through the Communities in Bloom (CIB) program, the Town of Hanna has taken a lead role supporting volunteers with this program.

The Town of Hanna has made resources available to the Hanna in Bloom to support their various projects and activities. The barrel planter program has seen an increased numbers of blooming plants. Since 2005 there has been increased budgeting for urban forest management and preparation for various landscaping. In 2018 the town of Hanna adopted their Tree Planting, Maintenance and Protection Manual, Developed a Public Tree By-law and established their Adopt a Tree Program.

The Hanna in Bloom minutes are circulated to the Town of Hanna council so that they are aware first hand of the committee plans and goals. Hanna in Bloom information is listed upon the Town of Hanna website (, assistance has been provided with promotional advertising of events, community projects and the annual CIB evaluation of our community.

The Town of Hanna and Hanna in Bloom have worked to incorporate many of the suggestions obtained from our Provincial CIB evaluations – making many improvements to the community. (ie. Heritage preservation encouragement, mulching program, paving for the town parking lot, increased floral displays, encouraging local residents to make improvements through enforcement of Municipal by-laws and regulations, and in 2014 & 2015 the Blooms to You! program.) In the fall of 2015, our community worked together to expand upon the decorative barrel program, and encouraged festival winter displays in the barrels. The result was a very welcoming and warm appearance to our community. And, a new program – the Winter Blooms awards!

Our community is dedicated towards improvement through the Communities in Bloom Program. Provincial Winners in 2014, we continued to strive for improvement by entering National Communities in Bloom. In 2018 we were pleased to be the National winners with a 5 Bloom Bronze rating.

Be partnering with local citizens, the Town of Hanna has made a commitment to making improvements through CIB not just for one or two days of the year, but all year long. The evaluation visit is not viewed
as an “end destination” but rather a starting point to grow our community forward from – with people, plants and pride!