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Scotts Canada Gro for good garden and green spaces grants

Scotts Canada launches 2020 Gro for good Grants initiative
in support of Community Gardens and Green Spaces across Canada

Mississauga, ON (January 14, 2020) – Scotts Canada Limited proudly announces the 2020 edition of the Gro for good program to keep the spirit of community and connection to nature alive in Canada. The program provides grants to deserving communities, schools and non-profit organizations seeking to develop sustainable community gardens and green spaces.

“Based on the success of our first year, Scotts Canada is looking forward to offering another year of Gro for good grants to green space projects that improve and help our youth and communities connect outdoors and enjoy the benefits of gardening,” says Karen Stephenson, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Relations for Scotts Canada. Gardening has been shown to provide multiple benefits, such as, encouraging healthy eating habits while learning how to grow your own food, and the health benefits that come from being outdoors and interacting with nature and other members of your community.

Scotts Canada is pleased to be offering this exciting grant opportunity to Canadian communities in partnership with Communities in Bloom, Plant · Grow · Share a Row and Nutrients for Life.

Gro for good grants are valued at $2,500 (cash plus in-kind product donation) and will be awarded to selected projects across Canada based on community impact, youth involvement and sustainability. The applicants will need to demonstrate one or more of the following benefits to the community: addressing health and wellness needs, enhancing the environment and/or engaging with youth. Each recipient of a grant will also have the opportunity to compete for one additional grant of $2,500 in cash that will be awarded based on a social media contest hosted by Scotts Canada.

Apply Now for a 2020 Gro for good grant online at: https://scottsmiraclegro.com/responsibility/scotts-canada/

The submission deadline for applications is February 28, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Gro for good grants will be awarded as a combination of cash and in-kind product donation. Projects must be completed in 2020.

For further details on the Gro for good program, please visit: https://scottsmiraclegro.com/responsibility/scotts-canada/.

Questions can also be directed to communication@cib-cef.com.