Growing Great Places Together

Comune di Sorradile, Oristano, Sardinia, Italy -
2023 International Finalist

Sorradile is an authentic village located in the centre of Sardinia, near Lake Omodeo, one of the biggest artificial lakes in Europe. Sorradile has a very ancient history, dating back to the age of the Domus de janas, the collective tombs of the Neolithic and Eneolithic age, with the relative villages with a history of about 5500 years. In the Bronze Age, during the second half of the 2nd millennium B.C., the territory was characterized by nuraghes, ancient fortifications located only in Sardinia. With the reorganization of the nuraghic communities during the first iron age, was built a very important nuraghic sanctuary called “Su Monte”. The current village is the result of the settlement choices of the Judicial Middle Ages. The village of Sorradile is characterized by numerous churches, two of these are located within the village and are the parish church of San Sebastiano martyr and the church of San Michele Arcangelo. The remaining churches are those dedicated to Santa Maria di Turrana, San Nicola di Nurotzo and San Giovanni del Bosco. These are all churches located outside the villages, immersed in a landscape full of oak woods, olive groves, vineyards and wooded pastures.


Sorradile is a people-oriented town, capable of offering young people, the elderly, children and all productive categories the services they need, both through its own resources and through virtuous relations with the municipalities of Barigadu area and the ‘Omodeo Lake Community’. This commitment was also recognised by the granting of membership in the club of the Authentic Villages of Italy. In fact, among the requisites that were requested to obtain this accreditation, in addition to the indispensable historical-architectural one, was a well-defined plan to safeguard and enhance the village, aspects on which our municipality has embarked on a quality path. It is well worth remembering that the preservation of this heritage is not only the task of the municipal administrators, but of all citizens, who are aware and responsible in respecting this precious village of ours. We believe that a small town like Sorradile must excel in the quality of life for its inhabitants, guaranteeing well[1]being, safety, cultural growth, and entertainment. A central element is the relationship with the territory. An important goal is to activate projects for the protection of environmental resources, the recovery of natural treasures and their adequate promotion, so as to allow for a more widespread knowledge and greater tourist attraction of the territory. Guests arriving for the first time in Sorradile are offered a spectacle of extraordinary beauty, thanks to the charm of the landscape drawn by the lake’s water, its natural explosion, the fusion of history, archaeology and urban and rural architecture, and the wealth of food and wine, which make up a unique ensemble, capable of representing the distinctive character of the territory.