Growing Great Places Together

Colleen Stockford - CiB Board Director

Colleen Stockford is from Sussex New Brunswick where she has been an enthusiastic member of the Communities in Bloom team for over ten years. She has also been an avid home gardener for over 20 years. Colleen’s gardening interests span from community vegetable gardens and town beautification projects to her own personal garden and greenhouse.

Colleen is a wife, a proud mother of two grown children, and a Gigi to her first grandchild who is the biggest light in her life. She passed down her love of gardening to one of her daughters and is proud to say she’s now sharing it with her granddaughter. Colleen is also a business owner alongside her husband. They both enjoy working together with one of their daughters and connecting with their community. 

From being involved with the Downtown Business Association and a board member on the Multicultural Association Sussex, Colleen thrives off being involved in the community. Through her personal experience, Colleen has learned that gardening can have a powerful impact on the human spirit, mental health and sustainability in our communities.

Colleen is an experienced traveller whose education spans from a travel and tourism degree, to real-estate and a course in interior decorating. Her experience and education has given her a keen eye for aesthetics which has proven to be an asset for her personal garden and for her CiB team. She has immersed herself in the colourful and uplifting world of gardening, where she has become a self-taught expert. For Colleen gardening is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. She has been a proud judge for CiB for many years and has hosted the annual symposium on several occasions. She always looks forward to being a part of Communities in Bloom and to helping bring people together through their love of gardening, green spaces and the environment.