Growing Great Places Together

We are pleased to share this opportunity to submit for the CNLA Green for Life Community Award :

This award is designed to recognize the amazing projects that happen all the time in communities. We know great projects are out there improving our communities and it is time for them to be recognized.

Green for Life Community award 
The Green for Life Community award is generously sponsored by Caterpillar. If you know a great project in your community, fill out the application form and submit it to your provincial landscape association.  The information document and application form can be downloaded by following this link :  Green for Life Community Award 

Once all applications have been received, only one project per province will be entered nationally into the Green for Life Community Award competition. In provinces where a Green for Life Award program exists provincially, only the winning project from that program is eligible to be submitted to the national awards. Once all projects are submitted, a judging panel consisting of industry and business experts will evaluate the submissions from the provinces where one national award per year will be handed out.

All submissions must be received by June 30th 2021. Late entries will not be considered.