Growing Great Places Together

City of Lewes, Delaware USA-
2024 International Challenge Finalist

The City of Lewes, Delaware is located where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, the area known as Cape Henlopen. The naturally beautiful area with beaches on both the ocean and the bay, trails, and nature preserves add to the many reasons to visit this small historic town founded by the Dutch in 1631. In addition to natural beauty, this charming city offers a wonderful historic district, with architecture dating back to the 17th century, museums, special tours, cozy accommodations, restaurants to please any palate, and unique shops and boutiques all within walking distance of each other.

A stroll through historic Lewes reveals the diversity, balance, and harmony that makes the city so unique and draws visitors and residents to walk, bike, and play. One can readily see the design principles of hardscape and landscape that combine to offer an overall affect of beauty as it seamlessly blends historic preservation with beautiful landscaping and sustainable development.

What visitors may not know is that behind all of this are qualified personnel, volunteers, action plans, environmental initiatives, and commitment to maintaining Lewes’ historical integrity while envisioning current and future landscape suitability, location, integration and standards. From the authentic Shipcarpenter Square, a historical residential neighborhood that has well preserved Colonial and Victorian houses that capture the vivid past 250 years of architecture to the new Children’s Garden teaching the next generation of garden custodians, Lewes both respects the past and teaches our children and adults to be good stewards of our land and environment for the future. And much of the beauty and historical preservation of Lewes would not be possible without its volunteers. All city commissioners are volunteers in addition to the many individual residents who donate time, money, and support to make Lewes exceptional. It has been said that “Lewes is a town where anyone can be someone.”

Lewes in Bloom, an integral all volunteer organization to the City of Lewes and the Communities in Bloom project, has more than 400 members. Each year its volunteer members contribute more than 10,000 hours planting tens of thousands of bulbs and plants throughout the city. It promotes the beautification and maintenance of Historic Lewes and the community at large. It is dedicated to helping Lewes boost its attractiveness through a variety of efforts including historical preservation, environmental awareness, pollinator gardens, a children’s garden, floral displays, and more. Its committee Art in Bloom has brought several permanent and temporary art displays to the city, enhancing the cultural environment of Historic Lewes and the community at large through public art.

Lewes is a desirable place to live and visit. We are proud of its high visual impact, made possible by an unwavering commitment to its past and future.