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City of Fredericton, New Brunswick -
2024 National Finalist

Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital city, blends urban vitality with small-town charm. Situated along the picturesque Wolastoq (Saint John River), it offers a smart, sustainable environment with competitive business opportunities and a balanced lifestyle rich in recreational and cultural offerings. From its indigenous roots with the Wolastoqiyik People to the arrival of French and British settlers, Fredericton’s history spans millennia. In 1784, it was established as Frederick’s Town, later shortened to Fredericton, becoming New Brunswick’s capital in 1785.

Over the years, Fredericton evolved into a thriving city, incorporating various communities like St. Anne’s Point and Devon. Notably, in 1973 and 2023, it expanded significantly through amalgamation, accommodating population growth and encompassing surrounding areas like Saint Mary’s and Douglas. Today, Fredericton boasts a diverse economy, particularly in knowledge-based industries, making it a hub for innovation and growth in Atlantic Canada.

With a rich heritage, diverse population, and a commitment to sustainability, Fredericton continues to flourish as a vibrant and inclusive city, offering a high quality of life to residents and visitors alike.