Growing Great Places Together

City of Coquitlam, British Columbia -
2024 National Finalist

In Coquitlam we live on nature’s doorstep, giving us the opportunity and responsibility to protect, nurture,
and support conservation efforts. Coquitlam is a diverse and active community focused on building a
stronger and more connected community. We continue to work hard to engage residents, organizations
and businesses, building on the momentum of past celebrations, special programs and events that have
flourished throughout the city over the past few years. As a result, volunteerism and civic pride is running
strong, resulting in a city buzzing with positive energy; a place that people, businesses and organizations
see as an ideal place to live, learn, work and play.

We participate in each year’s Communities in Bloom program through our homegrown Coquitlam in
Bloom program with activities that promote community involvement and environmental sustainability, such
as planting trees and supporting pollinators. We continue to work hard to build on our past successes and
put the committee’s recommendations and evaluations into action.