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City of Cold Lake, Alberta - 2024 National Finalist

The beauty of Cold Lake has drawn people to the area since before Alberta became a province. The community of choice for many workers in the nearby oil patch, the City of Cold Lake is also the proud home of 4 Wing, one of Canada’s busiest fighter bases.

Cold Lake is a young, vibrant community, with almost 60 per cent of the population under the age of 35. Cold Lake is the proud home of many people, with a population of about 15,500. The diversity of the economy can be attributed to the continued growth in the region, even when things are slowing down in other areas. Located in the Cold Lake Oil Sands Region, the city resides in the second largest oil sands deposit in Alberta. Balanced with a variety of service-based businesses, tourism, and National Defense, Cold Lake has deep roots and a rich history in the oil and gas industry.

The city and the surrounding area boast beautiful natural settings, complimented by state-of-the-art recreation and sport facilities, urban and rural trail systems, a provincial park and pristine lakes. Cold Lake itself is well known for its world-class sport fishery, pristine water and surrounding habitats which draw hundreds of bird species and an abundance of wildlife to its shores.

Covering over 373 square kilometres, Cold Lake has the seventh largest lake in Alberta. The lake’s depths reach up to 100 metres in spots, a factor which contributes to the diversity of fish that can be found in the lake. The Cold Lake Marina features over 250 berths for boats, boat launch, and a breakwater and boardwalk for pedestrians to enjoy. Several local restaurants and shops are within walking distance of the marina parking lot, giving visitors an easy place to start their adventures. 

A hot spot of activity in the summer months, Kinosoo Beach is an award-winning project that attracts locals and visitors alike. Named “Project of the Year” by the Alberta Public Works Association in the $1 million to $5 million category, the planning and layout of the beach enhancements have made the area a true sight to behold. Whether you enjoy the convenience and amenities of Kinosoo Beach in the heart of Cold Lake, exploring miles of pristine shoreline, or trekking through the provincial park, Cold Lake is sure to provide you with the means to make memories that last.