Growing Great Places Together

2022 Claudette Savaria Bursary recipients

This year’s first recipient is Sophia Collins: Sophia is a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, majoring in environmental sciences and minoring in Indigenous studies.Her involvement in the environmental field began in high school, when she volunteered to remove invasives species from local parks, helped conduct a research project on the best methods for increasingnative species presence, and volunteered with my schools recycling and environmental education programs. Sophia hopes to use her array of experiences and interdisciplinary education to contribute to the field of environmental horticulture by entering the field of urban environmental planning and helping to create cities that are greener and more equitable.

The second recipient is Vanessa Neame: Vanessa is part of the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (HCP) staff through the Junior Master Gardener Program.  Over the past several years, Vanessa has had the unique opportunity to strengthen her leadership skills through school and community garden programs. In an effort to encourage youth from around the city to build strong connections in a world of instability, she most recently hosted a youth conference which allowed her to grow in my skills of event planning, sustainable culinary and youth leadership. In the future, Vanessa plans to found a ministry that will connect her skills, interests and passions as a Farm-to-Table in a peaceful retreat setting. Through what will be geared towards the vulnerable populations, this community outreach program will be the foundation of next generation impact.

Congratulations Sophia and Vanessa, wishing you continued success in your future projects!

The Value of Green Spaces in Society

Established in 2005, the Communities in Bloom Foundation mission is to provide information and education on the environmental, social and economic benefits of green spaces. The Foundation is dedicated to funding, developing and disseminating education and awareness to a wide audience on the value, improvement, importance and sustainable development of green spaces and natural environment in Canadian society.

All those involved in the Communities in Bloom program have witnessed the benefits of green spaces in our communities: we wish to demonstrate and provide the information to all communities throughout Canada