Growing Great Places Together


PILLEY’S ISLAND HISTORY Written by Ben Callahan   Long before European settlers stepped foot on Pilley’s Island or on to Newfoundland, Maritime Archaic, Dorset Eskimo and Beothuk peoples roamed our shores as they would make their way from Newfoundlands interior, to the coast in the springtime, to hunt and fish.    The mummified body of a Beothuk child, […]

Plants Love You – Increase your Property Value by Improving your Landscape

INCREASE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE BY IMPROVING YOUR LANDSCAPE Real estate agents stress the importance of curb appeal when helping homeowners sell their houses because a nicely landscaped and well-maintained property makes a much better first impression for prospective buyers. It sets a positive tone before anyone sets foot in the house, and leaves a positive […]

Plants Love You: Improve your Concentration and Memory by up to Twenty Percent at Work

IMPROVE YOUR CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY BY UP TO TWENTY PERCENT AT WORK While having a plant on your desk at work adds a welcome splash of natural beauty and colour in your technology-charged business environment, it can also provide an important boost to your day-to-day performance. A recent study indicates people received a twenty percent […]

Plants Love You: Flowers Make People Happy

FLOWERS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY There are virtually unlimited palettes of colour and colour combinations in the kinds of cut flowers available in Canada. Bloom shapes and forms range from simple to complex, symmetrical to radial. An individual bloom viewed up close provides a pleasing  visual experience whether it’s an element of a beautiful arrangement, or […]


THE BUSY SUMMER OF 2022! submitted by Norene Smiley, Pugwash Communities in Bloom Huge mulching work parties! Weeding planting up a storm! Preparing for national judges, joining a national garden campaign and planning a community art extravaganza! Pugwash Communities in Bloom volunteers, new and old, met the challenges this summer. Their energy and dedication resulted […]

Top Picks for Rabbit Resistance

Top Picks for Rabbit Resistance By Sarah Greenwood, Darwin Perennials Global Product Development Manager If your landscape designs are frequented by fluffy garden thieves, you might find yourself wondering what plants can coexist with these creatures so that your flowers can thrive in all their nibble-free glory. When talking about rabbit resistant plants, it’s worth […]

HUGS for Humboldt becomes a reality

HUGS for Humboldt becomes a reality Author : Karen Stephenson, Scotts Canada In April 2018 the Humboldt Broncos, a Canadian junior “A” ice hockey team from Humboldt, Saskatchewan were involved in a terrible tragedy in which 16 people lost their lives. People across Canada and the World were moved by the loss experienced by one […]

Community Gardens Winning Awards

Community Gardens Winning Awards By: Jeff Gibson, Ball Horticultural IGC, Landscape & University Trials Garden Manager For the past eight years I’ve had the pleasure to participate as a judge for the All-America Selections (AAS) Display Garden Contest. The theme for the 2021 contest was “Diversity in the Garden.” For those of you not familiar […]

A Garden for Every School!

A Garden for Every School! Scotts Canada Gro for Good – School Garden Edition helps Year of the Garden Achieve Its Goal By Karen Stephenson Director, Regulatory Affairs & Stakeholder Relations for Scotts Canada It’s the Year of the Garden! For many of us who are avid gardeners or subscribe to the belief that garden […]

Hot tips for the cool season

Hot tips for the cool season Freshen up spring with these pops of colour By Jeff Gibson, Ball Landscape Business Manager When the weather breaks and landscapes burst forth with renewed colour, it lifts our spirits and excites us for the spring season ahead. It’s unfortunate this time of year is so short-lived, but you […]

Fall Behind, Spring Forward

Fall Behind, Spring Forward By Jeff Gibson Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager No, the title of this article doesn’t have to do with changing your clocks back. I’m talking about having our scheduled Fall landscape plantings behind us, and taking the time now to think about your Spring and Summer plantings for 2021. But you […]

Gardening in the classroom!

Gardening in the classroom! In light of Covid-19, the Nutrient for Life Foundation is still reaching out to students in the classroom. In early October, Regional Manager Kent Lewarne was invited into Crystal City Early Years School, Manitoba. Kent worked with Mrs. Leadbeater to ensure all of the activities followed their Covid-19 school protocols to […]

Grazie mille a Cervia !

Grazie mille a Cervia ! Città Giardino – Maggio in Fiore The Comune di Cervia was, in 2015, the first community to be officially nominated by Comuni Fioriti to represent Italy in the Communities in Bloom International Challenge.  Cervia won its category and was awarded 5 Blooms Silver. Cervia is well known in Europe for […]

Town of Castor Benefits from Green Jobs Initiative

The Town of Castor, Alberta offers many outdoor spaces – including the community’s walking trails, fish pond, and creek. This summer, these spaces were maintained and beautified for residents and visitors to enjoy. Thanks to funding from the CPRA’s Green Jobs Initiative, which is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Summer Work Experience […]

Parks, Trails and COVID 19

Well the year 2020 will be a year we will remember for a very long time. It feels like we went to bed and woke up to a completely different world. This new world we woke up to significantly changed how we managed our daily life. It didn’t just change our lives in Canada but […]