Alberton – 2018 National Finalist

Alberton is a community of around 1,100 people and it is the principal town among the fishing and farming communities situated along the western shore of Prince Edward Island. When Jacques Cartier first landed in 1534, he noted that the area had great potential for fishing, farming and lumbering.  By 1862 it had become a […]

Tignish – 2019 National Finalist

We are a community of just over 800, located on the northwestern tip Prince Edward Island. Settled in 1799 by eight Acadian families and joined in 1811 by two Irish families, Tignish retains and celebrates its French/Irish roots and has since become a successful fishing and farming community and a service and commercial centre serving […]

Summerside – 2019 National Finalist

Summerside is a vibrant community centrally located on the south shore of Prince Edward Island overlooking the Northumberland Strait. The city of fifteen thousand is noted for its rich heritage, friendly people and unprecedented community spirit. Historically named as the “summer side” of the island, it boasts an extensive range of year round events and […]

Charlottetown – 2019 National Finalist

The City of Charlottetown is a flourishing community of over 36,000 people located on the south shore of Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown is the capital city of Prince Edward Island, and is called the “Birthplace of Confederation” after the historic 1864 Charlottetown Conference which led to Confederation.   Charlottetown, Canada’s Birthplace knows the ins and outs […]