Growing Great Places Together

Brooks Regional, Alberta - 2023 International Finalist


City of Brooks – 15,000

County of Newell – 7,500

1.5 Million Acres

Brooks can be proud of it heritage and its inclusive community. We started out as a cow town, then the oil industry arrived and now 30% of our population are immigrants from war torn countries and camps. 

Our forefathers were wise and transplanted trees from the Red Deer River. Year-round we encourage our residents to beautify their property, inluding the industrial area. To feature flowers and neat lawns in the summer with tidy flower beds. This years major project is Bronze Wind Sculputers in parks and various visible areas around the City. 
Initiuatives encourage co-operation with charitable clubs and youth, in particular Boy Scouts, school student and
and clubs.

All of our projects are made possible by volunteers and by the board that is made of entirely of volunteers.