Growing Great Places Together


The City of Brandon is a vibrant city representing Manitoba’s second largest urban area after Winnipeg, the provincial capital. Brandon was once a small service junction along the Canadian Pacific Railway but has grown to a city that offers a wealth of urban facilities for the region including a university, community college, a health care complex and a wide range of recreational facilities. The city and region have experienced a steadily increasing population in recent years. The 2016 census states Brandon’s population as 48,859, a 6.1% increase from the 2011 census.

Brandon has taken on a number of studies over the years taking a critical look at our recreational facilities, greenspaces and strategic plans that ensure we are planning to maintain our high level of opportunities for Brandon residents as the area continues to grow. Our recently adopted Greenspace Master Plan outlines a plan for maintaining what we have and planning for our future greenspace needs. Secondary plans place a high regard on greenspaces that are accessible to residents of new and existing neighbourhoods. Special attention is being paid to our beautiful river corridor to make sure this unique geographical feature running through our community is an asset in times of changing environmental conditions.

Summer in Brandon brings festivals and gardening programs. Our numerous public gardens and greenspaces are held in high regard by Brandon residents. The Communities in Bloom program provides inspiration for Brandon to take on new programming that helps create our picturesque neighbourhoods and provides opportunities for community engagement, empowerment and pride.

Hundreds of volunteers take part in making our city beautiful including environmental initiatives, community pride events and take special pride in our floral displays nurtured throughout the winter months and showcased all summer. The City of Brandon aims to continue to recognize and engage these residents as we all do our part to keep Brandon flourishing.

Winter in Brandon allows people to get out and enjoy the crisp weather through festivals, holiday celebration, outdoor skating rinks, toboggan hills and pathways that are used year-round.

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, environmental initiatives, keeping a keen eye trained on our growth and opportunities in the region keep Brandon a vital community adding beauty to the western Manitoba landscape.