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Toronto Microgrants

Apply for up to $1,500 to host one environmentally focused event for your community to connect, celebrate nature, build collective capacity and champion Toronto’s ravines, parks, and green spaces. Apply Now. This year, Park People is offering 3 streams of microgrants in Toronto: $ 1,500 InTO the Ravines microgrants for community groups based in Toronto interested in […]

FCC | Apply for Community Funding

Apply for Funding FCC supports projects that make positive changes in the communities where we live and work across Canada. Get to know the type of projects we support, eligibility guidelines and how to apply. FCC AgriSpirit Fund This fund supports rural communities (less than 150,000 people) across Canada. For capital projects that qualify, the FCC […]

Capital Grants

Capital Grants Improve community facilities and spaces. Capital grants provide funding over one year to help organizations respond to the capital needs of Ontario’s communities. Improve community spaces Programs and services that support the people of Ontario are delivered locally in a range of community buildings and spaces. These places provide opportunities for activity, recreation […]

New initiative to provide tree planting and strategic planning grants

New initiative to provide tree planting and strategic planning grants The Green Municipal Fund will launch its Growing Canada’s Community Canopies (GCCC) initiative in Spring 2024. The new initiative is currently under development and will support the planting of trees in and around communities across the country. FCM is partnering with Tree Canada Opens in a […]

Submit your community project to #GreenMyCity

Submit your community project to #GreenMyCity The Green Cities Foundation and our Partners share a commitment to connecting plants and people, and revitalizing green areas for community members to enjoy and benefit from. This is especially the case in cities, where more than 80 percent of Canadians reside.The #GreenMyCity program supports the restoration and build […]

2023 CiB Awards Results!

2023 CiB Awards Results! Congratulations to all of the 2023 National & International finalists! PRESS RELEASE PHOTOS THANK YOU TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS

La 33e conférence nationale annuelle sur le recyclage des matières organiques

La 33e conférence nationale annuelle sur le recyclage des matières organiques Vers une VICTOIRE totale du recyclage des déchets organiques ! Pour des sols plus sains, une alimentation plus saine et la protection du climat 27 septembre au 29 septembre 2023 Montréal, Québec ORDRE DU JOUR PRÉLIMINAIRE Télécharger (PDF) 2023 Inscription exposants (PDF) INSCRIVEZ-VOUS DÈS […]

Les plantes vous aiment – Augmenter la valeur de votre propriété en améliorant votre paysage

AUGMENTER LA VALEUR DE VOTRE PROPRIÉTÉ EN AMÉLIORANT VOTRE PAYSAGE Les agents immobiliers soulignent l’importance de l’attrait extérieur lorsqu’ils aident les propriétaires à vendre leur maison, car une propriété bien aménagée et bien entretenue crée une meilleure première impression pour les acheteurs potentiels. Il donne un ton positif avant que quiconque ne mette les pieds […]

Plants Love You – Increase your Property Value by Improving your Landscape

INCREASE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE BY IMPROVING YOUR LANDSCAPE Real estate agents stress the importance of curb appeal when helping homeowners sell their houses because a nicely landscaped and well-maintained property makes a much better first impression for prospective buyers. It sets a positive tone before anyone sets foot in the house, and leaves a positive […]

Biodiversité et la santé humaine

Biodiversité et la santé humaine Des ressources utiles ont été produites par la CDB pour mieux comprendre les liens étroits entre la biodiversité et la santé. Commencez à approfondir votre compréhension ici. (en anglais)

Biodiversity and Human Health

Biodiversity and Human Health Helpful resources have been produced by the CBD to better make sense of the strong links between biodiversity and health. Get started deepening your understanding here.

Sure-Hits for Your Next Landscape

Sure-Hits for Your Next Landscape By Jeff Gibson, Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager Choosing plants in the spring is an exciting time for landscape designers. Finding the right varieties that will perform well and through the summer is key to a successful landscape. When it’s time to pick plants that are true performers, be sure […]

Coups sûrs pour votre prochain aménagement paysager

Coups sûrs pour votre prochain aménagement paysager Par Jeff Gibson, Ball Seed Landscape, Directeur d’affaire Choisir des plantes au printemps est un moment excitant pour les paysagistes. Trouver les bonnes variétés qui fonctionneront bien tout au long de l’été est essentiel pour un aménagement paysager réussi. Quand il est temps de choisir des plantes qui […]

“Phragmites australis: Why we cannot afford to ignore this invasion” webinar with Janice M. Gilbert

“Phragmites australis: Why we cannot afford to ignore this invasion” webinar with Janice M. Gilbert This webinar was originally recorded on March 2, 2022 for the Freshwater Stewardship Community webinar series:  This presentation provides background information on Canada’s worst invasive plant, why it is such a concern, and control methods used in sensitive habitats. […]

Vineland Innovation Reports

The Vineland Innovation Report is an update on the happenings at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. View Reports

Pesticide Regulations across Canada (Federal, Provincial, Municipal): Urban Landscapes

Executive Summary The regulation of pesticides in Canada is a complex process, involving various Acts, regulations, guidelines, directives and by-laws from all three levels of government: Federal, Provincial and Municipal. The end goal is to ensure mitigation of risks associated with the use of pesticide products. Traditionally the responsibility of the Federal and Provincial governments, […]