2023 CiB Awards Results!

2023 CiB Awards Results! Congratulations to all of the 2023 National & International finalists! PRESS RELEASE PHOTOS (photos will be available shortly) THANK YOU TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS

The 33rd Annual National Organics Recycling Conference​

The 33rd Annual National Organics Recycling Conference​ Towards VICTORY in ORGANICS RECYCLING !For Healthier Soil, Healthier Food & Climate Protection September 27 – September 29, 2023Montréal, Québec PRELIMINARY AGENDADownload (PDF) Exhibitor Registration 2023 (PDF) REGISTER NOW Join the leaders in organics recycling as we rally around the latest victories and advances! We look forward to […]

Plants Love You – Increase your Property Value by Improving your Landscape

INCREASE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE BY IMPROVING YOUR LANDSCAPE Real estate agents stress the importance of curb appeal when helping homeowners sell their houses because a nicely landscaped and well-maintained property makes a much better first impression for prospective buyers. It sets a positive tone before anyone sets foot in the house, and leaves a positive […]

Biodiversity and Human Health

Biodiversity and Human Health Helpful resources have been produced by the CBD to better make sense of the strong links between biodiversity and health. Get started deepening your understanding here.

Sure-Hits for Your Next Landscape

Sure-Hits for Your Next Landscape By Jeff Gibson, Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager Choosing plants in the spring is an exciting time for landscape designers. Finding the right varieties that will perform well and through the summer is key to a successful landscape. When it’s time to pick plants that are true performers, be sure […]

“Phragmites australis: Why we cannot afford to ignore this invasion” webinar with Janice M. Gilbert

“Phragmites australis: Why we cannot afford to ignore this invasion” webinar with Janice M. Gilbert This webinar was originally recorded on March 2, 2022 for the Freshwater Stewardship Community webinar series: https://watersheds.ca/freshwater-stewardship/  This presentation provides background information on Canada’s worst invasive plant, why it is such a concern, and control methods used in sensitive habitats. […]

Vineland Innovation Reports

The Vineland Innovation Report is an update on the happenings at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. View Reports

Pesticide Regulations across Canada (Federal, Provincial, Municipal): Urban Landscapes

Executive Summary The regulation of pesticides in Canada is a complex process, involving various Acts, regulations, guidelines, directives and by-laws from all three levels of government: Federal, Provincial and Municipal. The end goal is to ensure mitigation of risks associated with the use of pesticide products. Traditionally the responsibility of the Federal and Provincial governments, […]

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Stormwater Management Methods

Executive Summary Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is a method used to assess the total cost of ownership for a project, or elements of a project. Increased development is creating greater impervious areas in the built environment, causing stormwater runoff volumes to rise and add to the workload of municipal waste water treatment plants. Treating, […]

Grow your Veggie Garden Guide

This veggie gardening “how to” guide has been a labour of love, written and illustrated with the passionate belief in the power of veggie gardening to provide solutions to many issues of our time. A handful of seeds, a bit of space – whether in a front or backyard, in a container on a balcony, […]

Canadian Landscape Standard Second Edition​

About The purpose of this Standard is to document acceptable Canadian landscape construction practices as agreed upon by the CSLA, the CNLA, government authorities and other industry associations.   Using the standard The single, authoritative resource for landscape construction projects across Canada. The Canadian Landscape has been prepared by a joint Standing Committee of the Canadian Society of […]


PLT Canada’s A Guide to Green Jobs in Canada: Voices of Indigenous Professionals is a 60-page booklet featuring first-person stories from 12 First Nations and Inuit leaders working in the forest, conservation, and parks sectors across Canada.  The Indigenous role models spotlighted in the guide describe what inspired them to pursue green careers and share lessons learned from lived experiences. Their stories reflect […]

Plants Love You: Improve your Concentration and Memory by up to Twenty Percent at Work

IMPROVE YOUR CONCENTRATION AND MEMORY BY UP TO TWENTY PERCENT AT WORK While having a plant on your desk at work adds a welcome splash of natural beauty and colour in your technology-charged business environment, it can also provide an important boost to your day-to-day performance. A recent study indicates people received a twenty percent […]

Plants Love You: Flowers Make People Happy

FLOWERS MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY There are virtually unlimited palettes of colour and colour combinations in the kinds of cut flowers available in Canada. Bloom shapes and forms range from simple to complex, symmetrical to radial. An individual bloom viewed up close provides a pleasing  visual experience whether it’s an element of a beautiful arrangement, or […]