Fall Behind, Spring Forward

Fall Behind, Spring Forward By Jeff Gibson Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager No, the title of this article doesn’t have to do with changing your clocks back. I’m talking about having our scheduled Fall landscape plantings behind us, and taking the time now to think about your Spring and Summer plantings for 2021. But you […]

Gardening in the classroom!

Gardening in the classroom! In light of Covid-19, the Nutrient for Life Foundation is still reaching out to students in the classroom. In early October, Regional Manager Kent Lewarne was invited into Crystal City Early Years School, Manitoba. Kent worked with Mrs. Leadbeater to ensure all of the activities followed their Covid-19 school protocols to […]

Grazie mille a Cervia !

Grazie mille a Cervia ! Città Giardino – Maggio in Fiore The Comune di Cervia was, in 2015, the first community to be officially nominated by Comuni Fioriti to represent Italy in the Communities in Bloom International Challenge.  Cervia won its category and was awarded 5 Blooms Silver. Cervia is well known in Europe for […]

Town of Castor Benefits from Green Jobs Initiative

The Town of Castor, Alberta offers many outdoor spaces – including the community’s walking trails, fish pond, and creek. This summer, these spaces were maintained and beautified for residents and visitors to enjoy. Thanks to funding from the CPRA’s Green Jobs Initiative, which is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Summer Work Experience […]

Parks, Trails and COVID 19

Well the year 2020 will be a year we will remember for a very long time. It feels like we went to bed and woke up to a completely different world. This new world we woke up to significantly changed how we managed our daily life. It didn’t just change our lives in Canada but […]

Communities in Bloom announce an exciting new alliance!

COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM UNITES WITH THE CNLA Board of Directors From Left to Right: Scott Wentworth, Susan Ellis, Alan White, Bill Hardy (Treasurer), Paul Brydges (Chair), Bob Lewis, Darlene Kalawsky, John Lohuis (Vice Chair) and Rene Thiebaud. Feb 5, 2020 – The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) is pleased to announce that an agreement to […]

Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland – 2019 International Finalist

Malahide (Mullach Íde) is a beautiful, coastal Village situated approximately 18 km north-east of Dublin city, in Fingal, Ireland. Attractive shops, restaurants and cafes are centered on a crossroads, with extensive residential areas to the south, southeast and west. Beside the village is one of Fingal’s largest leisure facilities, a regional park comprising of the […]

Torbay – 2019 National Finalist

The beautiful Town of Torbay is located on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, the most easterly Province of Canada. A vibrant, evolving Community of over 7000 people, Torbay has a long and colourful history that dates back to the 1500s. A unique, storied Community, with an exceptional quality of life, Torbay has so […]

Wentworth Come Alive Outside

Think of your favourite childhood memories…chances are they involved being outside.  Connecting with nature by working, playing and living outdoors is an essential part of our nature.  We somehow feel more alive, our senses more acute to the many compelling attractions of being outside.  When we recall those childhood memories, we’re doing things…really living…outside. Today’s […]

A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. – Saving Water for the City of Edmonton

Hanging baskets make cities beautiful, but they often require a lot of water. And that doesn’t come cheap. It costs taxpayers, and the environment. The City of Edmonton turned to A.M.A. for an innovative solution that’s helping them save on water, labour and fertilizer costs. Dorothy Jedrasik is the Crew Leader at the Muttart Conservatory […]

Lexington, Kentucky USA – 2019 International Finalist

Founded in 1776, Lexington is located in the heart of the Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky.  Known as the “Horse Capital of the World,” it is Kentucky’s second largest city with a population of over 300,000 citizens.  In 1974 our city and county governments merged into one, non-partisan, entity, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG), […]

Nivelles, BW Belgium – 2019 International Finalist

The article in this section appears in its original language. Ville à la campagne, Nivelles compte près de 28.770 habitants (20 avril 2019) répartis sur une superficie de 6.060 hectares. Judicieusement placée à l’intersection d’un noeud autoroutier, elle est très facilement accessible. En plus de sa belle vitalité dans les domaines agricole, industriel, scolaire et […]

Spello, Perugia Italy – 2019 International Finalist

History Spello, of ancient Umbrian origins, it becomes important during the Roman period (confirmed by recent discovery of polychrome mosaics of the Roman villa and the already known rescript of Constantine): first Municipium Hispellum, then Splendidissima Colonia Iulia and finally with Constantine the colony Flavia Constans. In the Middle Ages it was a castrum under […]

Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Hungary – 2019 International Finalist

Székesfehérvár Landscape of History Székesfehérvár is one of the oldest Hungarian cities, a medieval royal court, a coronation city and one of Hungary’s must-see destinations. Today it is one of the strongest industrial cities in the country and a main traffic hub located between Budapest and Lake Balaton. The city centre which was restored in […]

Usk in Bloom, Wales, United Kingdom – 2018 International Finalist

The small picturesque town of Usk is located in the heart of the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside in South Wales. It sits on one of the finest salmon fishing rivers in the country, the River Usk, conveniently situated only 10 miles from the M4 yet feeling a whole world away. The streets of Usk are steeped […]

Szentes, Hungary – 2018 International Finalist

Szentes is located in the Southern Great Plain region, in Csongrád County, Hungary, by the Tisza and the Hármas-Körös, on both sides of the Kurca. The third largest city in the county, with a population of 28,000. Szentes is the city of sunlight, water, flowers and trees. The presence of the Tisza, Hármas-Körös and Kurca […]

Lewes, Delaware USA – 2018 International Finalist

The City of Lewes, Delaware is located where the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, the area known as Cape Henlopen. The naturally beautiful area with beaches on both the ocean and the bay, trails, and nature preserves add to the many reasons to visit this small historic town founded by the Dutch in […]

Chipman – 2019 National Finalist

The Village of Chipman is located on the banks of the Salmon River, at the head of Grand Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the Maritime Provinces. It is centrally located, a hub to the major cities of Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John and Miramichi. Chipman maintains a peaceful, rural setting while offering year-round recreation, community […]

Alberton – 2018 National Finalist

Alberton is a community of around 1,100 people and it is the principal town among the fishing and farming communities situated along the western shore of Prince Edward Island. When Jacques Cartier first landed in 1534, he noted that the area had great potential for fishing, farming and lumbering.  By 1862 it had become a […]