Growing Great Places Together

Alberton is a community of around 1,100 people and it is the principal town among the fishing and farming communities situated along the western shore of Prince Edward Island. When Jacques Cartier first landed in 1534, he noted that the area had great potential for fishing, farming and lumbering.  By 1862 it had become a major trading centre for Prince County and in 1913 it was officially incorporated as a town.

People can access the confederation trail in Alberton and use the trail for cycling, running, and walking.

The Western Hospital opened in 1945 and has had extensive renovations in the late 20th century.

Alberton is the commercial centre to the area and currently serves close to 5000 individuals.

Over the years Alberton has blossomed into a prime tourist destination providing many accommodations, attractions, and restaurants for visitors. It also provides a home base when exploring surrounding communities.  Alberton has developed into a modern town but we still keep many parts of our past alive. There is an excellent museum/genealogy centre, well maintained Victorian buildings, and many murals depicting memorable occasions and people in Alberton’s history.