OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS PRIX DE MÉRITE EXCEPTIONNEL LAND RECLAMATION AWARD | PRIX POUR LA RÉHABILITATION D’UN SITE WINTERLIFE AWARD PRIX HIVER EN FÊTE Town of Cobourg ON City of Brandon MB POLLINATOR FRIENDLY AWARD | COLLECTIVITÉ LA PLUS « ACCUEILLANTE POUR LES POLLINISATEURS » Town of Essex ON In 1919, Bird Archer purchased a disaffected munitions factory to manufacture water conditioning systems and engine cleansing chemicals. Through acquisition, it became Perolin Bird Archer, one of the town’s leading employers for many years before changing owners and closing in 1998. The Town purchased the property for $2 in 2001 and remediated the site for parkland re-development and use. The final design is 2.4 acres and includes walking paths and resting areas: bridges over a fast moving recovered creek which meanders through the park; a large oval reflecting pool and fountain, which is converted into a free for all skating rink in winter trees and floral beds. En 1919, Bird Archer a acheté une usine de munitions désaffectée pour fabriquer des systèmes de conditionnement d’eau et des produits chimiques nettoyants. La Ville a acheté la propriété en 2001 et a restauré le site pour le réaménager et créer des parcs. Holiday Celebrations in Brandon are a large part in what keeps our city alive during the cold winter months. Brandonites take pride in our culture, and come together to celebrate the holiday season. On November 19th , the City of Brandon hosts its annual Santa Parade! Throughout the evening, floats from various sponsors parade around the downtown area. Canada Post hosts a food drive during the course of this event, with all proceeds going towards Christmas Cheer. City Of Brandon Transit also provides free bus rides the day of the parade from 4 pm to midnight on all bus routes so that it will be accessible to everyone. Les festivités du temps des fêtes à Brandon sont en grande partie responsable de la survie de notre ville durant les mois d’hiver. Un oasis d’hiver pittoresque offre le patinage sous un jeu de lumières. The Town of Essex is committed to doing our part to help the honey bee population thrive. A Town summer student organizes day care visits where one of the lessons involves planting flowers with the children for their own outdoor garden. The idea is that the children get to see the plant life cycle happen right before their eyes. This year, the use of Buzzing Gardens seed packages was implemented. Un étudiant occupant un emploi d’été organise des visites à des garderies où l’une des leçons consiste à planter des fleurs avec les enfants pour leur propre jardin en plein air. Cette année, nous avons mis en place l’utilisation des trousses de semences Jardins bourdonnants. 15 VILLAGE OF CHAMPION AB Small category Collectivité de petite taille TOWN OF AMHERSTBURG ON Large category Collectivité de grande taille TOWN OF COALDALE AB Medium category Collectivité de taille moyenne ACTIVITÉS ACTIVITIES