Growing Great Places Together

2021 Hope is Growing Contest

2021 - Trail, BC (4)

Across Canada and beyond, our goal is to see the land awash with gardens featuring yellow, the international colour of hope.  Flowers, fruits, shrubs, vegetables – just plant the seeds! From parks to playgrounds, front yards, backyards, balconies, baskets, boulevards, barrels and planters, wherever there’s an empty space, there is room for a plant. Show us your communities yellow side, and help us provide hope in 2021! 

Who can enter?
Any CiB committee registered in the CiB National 2021 Virtual Edition Program.

Contestants are judged based on: How the story of Hope is presented through the use of yellow plants (trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables) and community engagement throughout the community. The use of Hope is Growing marketing materials, visual appeal, environmental sustainability, social media connection will also be evaluated.

In 750 words or less, along with up to 10 photos and a video (optional) please share information on your Yellow for Hope initiatives throughout the community :

  • How did this initiative inspire Hope in your community?
  • Description of Yellow for Hope initiative(s) throughout the community and the location(s) – i.e school, church, business, residential, municipal open space, community garden, etc.
  • Varieties of yellow plants used (type and quantity)
  • Community involvement (while maintaining physical distancing requirements due to COVID-19 local guidelines) and educational opportunities
  • Was consideration given to environmental sustainability in this initiative?
  • Use of marketing materials (i.e. logo and signage)

Please share your photos on social media using the hashtag #hopeisgrowing and tag @CiBCef (Instagram) or @communitiesinbloom (Facebook) in addition to submitting your package to CiB via the survey sections below.

Deadline to apply : 5pm, September 15th 2021. Entries received after this date will not be accepted

A $25,000 value Landscape Design to be implemented by the community on a qualified site. Landscape Design completed by Landscape Architects and CiB Board Members Paul Brydges and Scott Wentworth! Winner will be announced at the 2021 Symposium Awards presentation. 

Prize Details:

  • Community must be able to walk designers through the intended site via a zoom or video chat call
  • Community will provide measurements to be used for creation of design (and survey if necessary) due to location, ownership or municipal requirements for land use
  • Design presentations, discussions and reviews will be completed via zoom or video chat

Intention of the design:

  • To create a naturalized garden area to help educate communities on how best to use maintenance funds in areas that may not be required to be active play or sports area
  • Showcase the benefits of natural succession in planned planting areas, provide pollinator habitat, help mitigate against heat and improve air quality and provide rainwater infiltration using all low impact design protocols
  • Allowing for pathways, benches and trash receptacles as requested and/or required within the designed space as municipal rules and budgets allow
  • Design to be created starting late October and completed in time for the community to build in 2022
  • Formal tender documents are not within the scope of this design but detail for construction sufficient for build is included