Enhancing Green Spaces
in Communities
People, Plants and Pride… Growing Together


    Greening is what Communities in Bloom is all about: 

    Landscapes, Parks and Green Spaces 

    Natural Heritage Conservation

    Environmental  Actions


    Thank you to all National and International Finalists
    for your dedication to your communities !

    The 2019 National Edition and International Challenge evaluations are completed.

    The volunteer Communities in Bloom judges visited with dedicated people, evaluated great communities and witnessed civic pride at its best.

    Thank you to all the elected officials, municipal staff, local stakeholders, citizens and volunteers involved in making their communities better places to live in, to work in and to visit.

    “Within the context of climate change and environmental concerns, all those involved in the Communities in Bloom program can be proud of their efforts,

    which provide real and meaningful environmental solutions and benefit all of society.”

    The results will be announced at the Awards Ceremonies on September 27 and 28 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia held in conjunction with the National Symposium on Parks and Grounds.

    Finally, let also thank the 16 volunteer National and International judges for their dedication and professionalism in evaluating the communities.


    Bob Lewis,
    National Chair



    Communities in Bloom Magazine
    (May 2019)

    National Symposium on Parks & Grounds
    (September 2019)