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Tulips in the Capital Region of Alberta

Edmonton, AB_Tulip

Tulips in the Capital Region of Alberta? That’s what was gifted to our Edmonton community by Vesey’s Bulbs of P.E.I.

with support from the Canadian Garden Council in October of last year. We are looking forward to the blooming of 350 red and 350 white tulips this May while we welcome new sounds and smells of spring. Edmonton was one of 11

communities in Alberta and one of 141 communities in Canada to receive the tulips, and we are very proud to host the garden at the Dutch Canadian Centre located within the City of Edmonton.

Tulips represent the role that Canadian soldiers played in the liberation of The Netherlands during the Second World War, as well as the hosting of Dutch Princess Margriet in Ottawa, Canada during this tumultuous time in Europe. Frank Stolk, President of Edmonton’s Dutch Cultural Centre is enthralled with the gift: “This garden is a legacy. It’s a majestic monument which we are proud to showcase here at the centre for the enjoyment of current and future generations, reminding both of Edmonton’s and Canada’s global ties.” With the help of the Edmonton Horticultural Society, the City of Edmonton plans to celebrate the blooming of these tulips each year, and with the Dutch Canadian Club as hosts, much of the theme of this ceremony will focus on Dutch culture and traditions, as well as honoring the fallen soldiers of the Second World War. We are excited to have such a unique and vibrant garden in our blooming community in western Canada!

For more information, please contact Amber Brant at amber.brant@edmonton.ca

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