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  •           2017 WINNERS

  •           2017 WINNERS

  •           2017 WINNERS

  •           2017 WINNERS

Norwich City, Norfolk England – 2016 International Finalist

Friends of Norwich in Bloom Charity Registered No. 1141012

The Charity’s objects (the Objects) are:

To promote horticulture for the benefit of the public generally and especially those who live in or visit the city of Norwich by providing or encouraging the provision of displays of flowers, shrubs, trees and landscapes in places visible to the public.

Norwich has always had a excellent horticultural reputation for its parks, gardens and floral roundabouts. During the early 1980’s local competitions were being run by Norwich City Council, we cannot be exactly sure but our earliest records show judging of floral business premises in 1983.

In 1986 Norwich City Council encouraged the Norwich community to take ownership and run the local Norwich in Bloom competition, this happened under the first Chairman of Norwich in Bloom Chris Dunn along with Vice-Chair Graham Hawker, Secretary Linda Varnon and Treasurer Brian Buller they formed and ran the Norwich in Bloom Association with a committee.

The first community run Norwich in Bloom competition was during summer 1986, supported by Notcutts and Allen and Page, at that time Terry Bane was employed by Norwich City Council at Earlham Park Greenhouses as Nursery Supervisor, and was invited to join the committee, as were Jo and Reg Chiddick and Alma Simmonds all 4 are still active and Life Members.

In 1987 The Norwich in Bloom Association developed into The Friends of Norwich in Bloom as an independent voluntary committee with a written constitution promoting floral and environmental initiatives and continuing to run the local summer competitions.

During the early years the committee met regularly in the Guildhall, Elliot House and City Hall.

Chris Dunn passed the chair to Graham Hawker, then June Revell and then:

In 1999 to Bill Webster the In Bloom initiative was re-launched with vigour, new members, annual action plans and budget, membership and interest increased with an Anglia in Bloom Best City win in 2000.

From 2003 The Friends meetings took place at The Royal British Legion, Aylsham Road, sometimes at Rita’s The Adam and Eve P.H., The Assembly House and more recently Brook Hotel, Bowthorpe.

Bill achieved so much success for Friends of Norwich in Bloom as Chair and handed over to Terry Bane in 2007 when Bill became Ambassador until we sadly lost Bill in 2014. Terry Bane became the second Ambassador in memory of his friend and mentor Bill in 2015.

Terry Bane was Chair for 1 year in 2007 then passed to Julie Brociek-Coulton for 2 years, Terry Bane became Chair again for 4 years from 2010 – 2014 then Steve Buckle for 1 year, 2015 and currently The Chair of The Friends of Norwich in Bloom Action Team is Keith Driver.

During 2010 Terry Bane strongly encouraged The Friends to become a registered charity and form a Trusteeship the first Chair of Trustees was Terry Bane 2010-12, Michael King 2012-14 Terry Bane 2014-16 and presently Gareth Stone.

Friends of Norwich in Bloom also has a President, The first from 2005 till present is Michael King our current Vice-President is Richard Marks.

 2000 Success in the Anglia in Bloom Campaign the Norwich community have achieved much success in the regional Anglia in Bloom campaigns being awarded mostly Gold and Silver Gilt standard since 2000 but our most proudest moment was in 2003 at Ipswich when Norwich came away with 5 Trophies including the prestigious Overall winners Trophy.