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Fort Erie, Ontario


Nestled between Lake Erie on the south and the mighty Niagara River to the east, lies the picturesque Town of Fort Erie. Comprised of several communities including Crystal Beach, Bridgeburg, Ridgeway and Stevensville, each with its own distinctive character and history, and covering 169 square kilometers, Fort Erie is home to approximately 30,000 permanent residents. An additional 10,000 seasonal residents call this charming town home during the summer.

With an impressive 12,500 year history, Fort Erie is blessed with anX abundance of natural beauty including beautiful sand beaches, recreational trails, woodlands and wetlands. It has been one of Canada’s major gateways and border crossings throughout its history, and is the fourth largest and fastest growing urban centre in the Niagara Region. Within a relatively short span of time, Fort Erie has shown time and again just what can be achieved with creative and careful use of resources, the commitment of many dedicated volunteers, and the support of Town Council as well as the broader community.

We hope that what we have done here can serve as inspiration for other communities, regardless of their size or resources. The old adage “where there’s a will, there’s a way” has certainly been taken to heart by the residents of Fort Erie!

Having only joined the Communities in Bloom family in 2004, Fort Erie has achieved a number of impressive of accomplishments:

5 Blooms, Provincial Competition – Recognized for Landscaped Areas

4 Blooms, National Competition – Recognized for Dedicated Heritage

Blooms, National Competition – Recognized for Heritage Preservation

5 Blooms, National Competition – Recognized for Community Participation in Floral Displays

Winner, National Competition – Recognized for Point Abino Lighthouse Restoration

Circle of Excellence

Honourable Mention, International Challenge
5 Bloom Silver Status
Recognition of Volunteer Involvement and Recognition