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Late in 1881, the Canadian Pacific Railway crossed the Plain. The town of De Winton, L % miles east of the present townsite of Carberry, was booming with stores, a post office, hotel and grain warehouses. lt came to the notice of the directors of the CPR that some railway officials
had an interest in the land within De Winton. lt was the policy of the railway to keep its officials from making persona! profits on land speculation. So the directors moved quickly.

One night in the spring of 1882, one hundred imported men moved the station west into the sandhills. Thus the fate of De Winton was sealed.

The CPR selected the present townsite in 1882 and Carberry owes its existence to the Railway. At that time the CPR bought the land from Mr. John Bailey of Omemu, Ontario for 532,000.00. Two years before, Mr. Bailey had paid $550.00 for it.

As the town grew and like most prairie towns in Manitoba, Carberry has experienced ongoing physical renewal over the last 130 years, with older buildings burned or torn down and replaced with newer structures .Exceptions to this process are precious, and for that reason, the Town of CARBERRY stands out. Two blocks of Main Street comprise of twenty eight, mostly brick buildings, al! of them deemed significant for their architectural and historical value. For this reason, Carberry has garnered the distinction of having Manitoba’s first, and so far, only “Heritage District”.

Although we still have the CNR and CPR railways running through town, we lost the stations. The CPR station at the end of Main Street was dismantled in 1971. The Town Council and Chamber of Commerce did their very best to save the building, but to no avail. ‘There is only a vacant lot where once stood a beautiful piece of architecture, in which was embodied a host of memories.”

For this reason the Carberry Communities in Bloom have chosen as their Number One Project to build a Picnic Shelter, in the CPR Park on Fourth Ave., the roof replicating the CPR station. Fund raising is underway through our April Brunch, Silent Auction on Heritage Weekend, BBQ on Judging Day, Donations and Silent Auction and Bake Table at the Christmas Craft Sale.

Submitted by Mona Nelson, Chair of CiB Carberry