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Canada’s Garden Route

Canada’s Garden Route is a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and natural sites of communities, to exchange with horticultural colleagues, to meet with professional and amateur gardeners across Canada and visit gardens in communities recognized by the Communities in Bloom program.

2016 National Winners

British Columbia

City of Coquitlam
Coquitlam uniquely recognizes its French Canadian Heritage and its early settlers throughout the historic Maillardville Community, in particular through the work of the “Société Francophone Maillardville”, who produces and hosts the popular “Festival du Bois”, as well as the recent greenspace enhancements at the Mackin House Museum and Mackin Park. The museum’s beautifully landscaped grounds includes a heritage garden that was planted in 2012 to preserve the garden style and plants typical of the pioneering era.


City of Edmonton
With its motto of “Conscious Community and Commerce”, the centre is the first net-zero office building to be constructed in Alberta. The Centre is the marvelous and architecturally significant result of thoughtful planning and collaboration between the clients, the architects and the construction industry. A four story living wall inside the building is a focal point that brings the outside into the core of the building. A fantastic vegetable and herb garden designed into the landscape of the site provides fresh vegetables for the restaurant within the building.


Town of Ituna
Pristine is the first word that comes to your mind when you enter the Town of Ituna. Located along an active CN main rail line, between Winnipeg and Saskatoon, the 800 residents are surrounded by farmland, and the town is largely reliant on agriculture. From Main street, with many repurposed buildings; to the parks; public gardens; residential properties; golf course; recreation facilities including ball fields, curling and hockey arenas; to the many churches and cemeteries; pristine continues to be front and centre. As the saying goes, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

City of Humboldt
Summer of 2016 marks the end of the first phase of the planned prairie grassland restoration at the National Historic Site and Municipal Heritage District known as “The Original Humboldt”. The remaining 75 of the former 80 acres of crops will be returned to the 1878’s prairie landscape that existed when the Dominion Telegraph Line set up its office. The site’s National Historic Event designation also contributes to the site’s importance for planned natural and cultural heritage experiences. The site received an honorable mention for the 2013 Governor General’s award for Excellent in Museums – History Alive.


City of Barrie
A group of citizens dedicated to food security has created Fruit Share – a program that invites residents to report fruiting trees and shrubs that have more produce than they can harvest. Fruit Share engages volunteer pickers to gather the fruit which is sorted and donated to community groups including food banks, women’s shelters, friendship centre, etc. Before beginning picking, the ground area is carefully cleaned to help prevent any cycle of pests or disease. Fruit Share has partnered with the City of Barrie to create a food forest whereby fruit trees are planted in naturalized areas of City parks.

Municipality of Lambton Shores
Showing what the CiB judges see when they tour Lambton Shores germinated in the mind of the CiB Committee. Therefore the Committee decided to implement a new project called Communities in Bloom Mystery Tour. The one day self-guided tour showcases amazing gardens, quaint shops, farms, historical places, natural settings, trails and other hidden gems to discover. Residents and visitors can tour, at their own pace, 56 locations on a map showing North, Central and South parts of the 5 very diverse communities that compose Lambton Shores.

Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
The judges noticed a real engagement with different groups of volunteers, commercial partners, landscapers, institutional representatives and city staff. The members of the CiB Committee are very enthusiastic, dynamic and involved in all activities of the organization. They promote and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the town and it’s very strong historical roots. Historic Turntable Garden, Historic Culvet, St-David’s Lions Park, St-Mark Church, Shaw Volunteer Garden, Library Garden and Friends of One Mile Creek Garden at Navy Hall, and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

New Brunswick

Town of Sussex
Discovery Park is a community playground initiative that is being built on an elementary school site to allow children of all abilities the opportunity to experience the joy of playing with each other in a playground setting. There has been countless hours of research and planning done by the organizers of this project to ensure that this playground is all inclusive for not only children, but adults with disabilities who wish to participate with their children and grandchildren. This project has been embraced, by not only local citizens and businesses, but also people from surrounding areas who turn out to help with the construction and fundraising. This playground is truly a labour of love. Zip lines for disabled and nondisabled children, swings, climbing apparatus, musical stations and numerous other apparatus is found here. There will also be plantings of native trees, shrubs and flowers in this area to allow for outdoor environmental classes during the school year.

2017 National Finalists

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