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Angels Bring a Sense of Peace to Rural Cemetery


Town of Hanna cemetery is situated in short grass country of rural south eastern Alberta. Located just outside the town site, the cemetery has the feel of wide open spaces and the beauty of the natural landscape. Without a lot of annual moisture, we have embraced our natural beauty. One local resident placed bluebird boxes on the pasture fences, encouraging the mountain bluebirds and tree swallows to return to nest. Feature beds have incorporated mulch and native shrubs and hardy trees in the area.
Several years ago the Town developed a series of ribbons for the placement of headstones in an orderly fashion. The ribbons also serve the purpose of allowing the placement of floral vases for those who wish to visit from time to time. Last summer, the placement of natural coloured angels were strategically placed in the cemetery. These concrete angels are tough enough to withstand the rugged Alberta weather year round, yet instill a sense of peace and comfort to those who frequent the cemetery.
“The angels are a great addition. They provide a sense of peace and hope. This is very important for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.” In 2017, each of the six angels will be paired with a dessert planter. These unique planters will allow the town to place floral displays beside each angel and still allow for the dryness of the area by having the pots that have incorporated the water reservoir in their design. We hope to add more angels in the future. The town has had several inquiries from individuals inquiring about how they might assist in adding more angels. It is an idea that has grown wings and is taking flight in rural Alberta.