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22 T he area around Hope was first settled nearly 9000 years ago by the Stolo First Nation. They established the trails through the mountains and routes via the rivers that later would be co-opted by the Hudsons Bay Company 1848 and those seeking their fortune in the Fraser River Gold Rush 1858. Hope CiB is a diverse group of people coming together to foster volunteerism throughout our community. With a population of 6000 people we have a high percent of retirees moving to Hope from the lower Fraser Valley. Along with our local residents CiB has a huge resource of skilled volunteers willing to donate their time to projects for the betterment of Hope. Our Im a bloomin volunteer t-shirts are worn as a badge of honour to be part of a team giving back. To be a successful CiB you need long term funding to keep the planning of projects moving forward. We have two five-year agreements with the District of Hope plus a small amount of money put aside yearly for projects in the future. Another important point to our success is having the District of Hope work crew on board with our program and helping out with many of our projects. Hope CiB is about partnering with others in the community to leverage relationships for the greater good. Were consistently looking for new ways to make our community better. We are all about taking pride in our towns appearance. Having a positive attitude really does make a difference Excerpt of the article. To view the full article please visit our website at under NewsComm. L a rgion entourant Hope a t habite depuis prs de 9 000 ans par la Premire nation Sto lo. Ils ont pratiqu travers les montagnes et par les rivires des chemins qui ont plus tard t co-opts en 1848 par la Compagnie de la Baie dHudson et par ceux qui ont cherch fortune lors de la Rue vers lor sur le fleuve Fraser en 1858. Cef de Hope comprend plusieurs groupes de gens qui sunissent pour promouvoir le bnvolat dans toute la collectivit. La population de 6 000 personnes compte une forte proportion de retraits qui sont venus du bas de la valle du Fraser. En plus de la population locale Hope dispose dun grand nombre de bnvoles qualifis qui sont disposs consacrer de leur temps des projets visant amliorer Hope. Nos T-shirts Je suis un bnvole en fleurs sont ports comme un insigne dhonneur. Pour russir avec Cef il faut du financement long terme afin de pouvoir planifier les projets lavance. Nous disposons de deux ententes quinquennales avec le District de Hope en plus dune petite somme dargent que nous mettons de ct chaque anne pour des projets venir. Un autre point important est que lquipe du District de Hope travaille notre programme et apporte sa contribution plusieurs de nos projets. Cef de Hope agit en partenariat et tablit des relations avec les autres lments de notre collectivit pour le plus grand bien de tous. Nous nous efforons constamment de trouver de nouvelles faons damliorer notre collectivit. Nous sommes fiers de lapparence de notre ville. Une attitude positive fait toute la diffrence Extrait dun article. Pour lire larticle complet veuillez consulter notre site web sous cho des collectivits. Hope British Columbia Hope Colombie-Britannique n By Victor Smith Chair of Hope CiB n Par Victor Smith Prsident Collectivits en fleurs de Hope Hope is nestled at the far end of the Fraser the most populous valley in British Columbia. It is surrounded by the peaks of the Cascade and Coast mountains a diverse coastal rainforest and bordered on two sides by the Fraser and Coquihalla Rivers. Hope se blottit tout au bout de la valle du Fraser la valle la plus frquente de la Colombie- Britannique. La ville est entoure de diverses forts humides ctires et borde des deux cts par les fleuves Fraser et Coquihalla.