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Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on enhancing green spaces in communities.


Canada’s 150th Anniversary

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    Benefits from Sea to Sea and abroad

    Communities in Bloom has built community capacity in a variety of ways, including the business community through the Business Beatification Awards and the involvement of residents on the volunteer committee, “Together Let’s Bloom”. As previous National Winners of Communities in Bloom, residents of Medicine Hat understand and support the program. Communities in Bloom has heightened the sense of pride in our community and we are very excited to be involved.”
    Ted Clugston, Mayor
    City of Medicine Hat, AB

    …We are very proud of our association with this outstanding organization and our enthusiastic and committed group of volunteers who have dedicated so much time to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification throughout our community. Through their efforts we were fortunate to score 5 blooms and win in our category this year. We have enjoyed showing off our community to CIB judges and have taken to heart their strong words of encouragement and advice. We look forward to many more years working with CIB to improve our community and the lives of those who call Sussex home.

    Marc Thorne, Mayor
    Town of Sussex, NB

    I cannot think of anything that has had more of a positive impact on the town than this program. With our entering the International Challenge last summer, the community became very interested and engaged in showcasing our community and as a result earning 5 blooms was a wonderful result shared by the entire community. The biggest benefit was the coming together of the entire community.
    Liz Chisholm
    Deputy Mayor and Chair, Beautification Committee
    Town of Antigonish, NS

    “The Communities in Bloom organization has greatly benefited the City of Charlottetown,” said Charlottetown Mayor, Clifford Lee. “It encourages us to implement new initiatives and strive to increase beautification and sustainability within our City. We are pleased to have hosted the 2014 Communities in Bloom National Awards and Ceremonies in Charlottetown.”
    Mayor Clifford Lee
    City of Charlottetown, PE

    “We have participated in the CIB program for several years. It is really encouraging to look back and see all the improvements and projects that have helped make our community shine in so many ways. Each year some small changes and big ideas have added up to lots of community spirit and support. “
    Mayor Malcolm Eaton
    City of Humboldt, SK

    “We are extremely proud to be involved in the Communities in Bloom Program … Each year Barrie continues to enhance our beautification program, plans new events and launches new community programs that inspire our citizens to make people and plants grow together. The City of Barrie firmly believes that Communities in Bloom helps us build a clean and greener community.”
    Mayor  Jeff Lehman
    City of Barrie, ON

    Past years of the International Challenge of Communities in Bloom has been important for the city and moved the city of ZLIN forward
    Bedrich Landsfeld 
    Deputy Mayor of ZLIN

    As I travel across our great country both as a judge and a tourist, I continue to be amazed at the significant improvements and benefits realized in the communities that participate in the Communities in Bloom program; the efforts, the pride and the improved quality of life of all residents is very obvious.

    Sincere thanks to all those that have been involved and continue to be involved in the program for the magnificent contribution that you have made to this great country of ours. With all of your continuing support I am confident that Communities in Bloom will continue to flourish for decades to come.

    Bob Lewis,
    National Chair