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Fellow Bloomers:

On behalf of the CiB National Committee, let me congratulate all the Provincial participants and National and International finalists for their achievements in the 2016 Edition of Communities in Bloom.  Your hard work, dedication and total community involvement is well documented and celebrated in beautiful, environmentally aware green municipalities across Canada.

Please join us next year in 2017 for a special Canada 150 Edition of Communities in Bloom.  This will be a great opportunity to highlight and celebrate all the achievements of your communities with a focus on celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary.  Also plan to attend a special Canada 150 Symposium and Awards that will be held in Ottawa-Gatineau, our National Capital Region, from September 13th to 16th, 2017.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank all those involved in the continued success of the Communities in Bloom program.  The commitment of local, provincial and national volunteers, the support of elected officials and staff of municipalities, the dedication of our volunteer judges, staff and organizations along with the contribution of our sponsors and partners all play a role in this success.


Bob Lewis
National Chair / Président national

Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on enhancing green spaces in communities.


Canada’s 150th Anniversary

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