Enhancing Green Spaces
in Communities
People, Plants and Pride… Growing Together


So much more than just flowers

Communities in Bloom is about greening through environmental, natural heritage conservation and horticultural actions that involves citizens, businesses, institutions, and municipalities.

The program is focused on environmental stewardship through enhancement of green spaces

Communities benefit from:

  • Increased civic pride and community involvement.
  • Beautification of the entire community
  • Improved landscaping, floral displays, tree canopy, and tidiness
  • Mobilization of citizens, local groups, businesses and municipality working together
  • Networking & exchange of information
  • Enhanced community facilitating economic development & tourism readiness
  • Valuable information and feedback from a professional evaluation by the judges.


Within the context of climate change and environmental concerns,

communities involved in the program can be proud of their efforts,

which provide real and meaningful environmental solutions.”